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This is a full size industrial-grade CO2 regulator with dual gauge pressure indicators, a fully integrated electronic solenoid for use with standard CO2 Cylinders (GA 320 fittings). It features an innovative "Tool-Free" self locking mechanism, which utilizes the CO2 pressure to screw lock the regulator on the Standard CO2 cylinder. With this new design, you can hand tighten the regulator to the CO2 tank without an Adjustable Wrench.  It also has adjustable working pressure. 

Can be connected to CO2 in 3 different ways: 

1.) Standard CGA 320 cylinder 

2.) Paint ball cylinder *paint ball cylinder adapter (Model. # AIC-150-5) is required



  • Tool-free installation
  • Adjustable working pressure
  • Multiple CO2 fitting
  • Ultra precision needle valve
  • Dual gauges 
  • Integrated electronic solenoid valve
  • Universal voltage (110V ~ 220V)
  • More energy efficient



  • Bottle Pressure Gauge Indicator Range: 0 ~ 3,500 PSI Max 
  • Reduced Pressure Gauge Indicator Range: 0 ~ 140 PSI Max 
  • Electronic Solenoid Voltage Compatibility: 110 Volts ~220 Volts
  • Power Cord Length: 2 Meters
  • CO2 Bottle Connection Type:  Female CGA 320 
  • CO2 Line-Out Connection:  1/4" Compression
  • Power Consumption: Equivalent to a single LED


Package Includes: 

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