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Archaea Super CO2 Diffuser S Size

  • 1699

A newly developed CO2 diffuser with purposeful design and produces mist type ultra fine CO2 bubbles, which will greatly improve the efficiency of CO2 distribution in the aquarium and promote healthier plant growth.


  • Innovative ceramic material produces Ultra Fine CO2 bubbles and ensures that CO2 is dissolved into water with highest efficiency.
  • Screw lock design that hold the tubing securely and prevents tubing from popping out of diffuser due to high pressure.
  • Compact size and clear appearance that allows it to conceal in your aquarium easily, without disrupting the aquarium layout. 


  • This diffuser requires a minimum working pressure of 30 psi or higher.
  • Must use pressure proof (stiff) tubing, please DO NOT use silicon base (soft) tubing when connecting it to a CO2 regulator.

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