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ADA AQUASKY G 601 (Single light type) for W60cm tank

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To bring out natural beauty of aquatic plants, ADA introduces the LED light which realizes a beautiful, vibrant color of green.

ADA has advanced AQUASKY’s LED light while keeping the stylish design.
Newly developed AQUASKY G has LEDs with a reinforced green wavelength.
It brightens up the greens of aquatic plants and makes them look more refreshing.
The light diffuser cover effectively gives even illumination, same as the flagship model, Solar RGB.

AQUASKY G is an LED lighting system designed for W60cm or smaller aquarium tanks. With the use of high-luminosity white LED light with an enhanced green color spectrum, AQYASKY G can brightly illuminate the aquarium at less power consumption and makes the green color of aquatic plants look more vivid. Its slim lighting unit features excellent heat dissipation. When installed on the stand, AQUASKY G naturally blends in with surroundings and gives an open atmosphere above the aquarium.

For 60cm wide aquariums, the single light model - AQUASKY G 601 and the twin light model - AQUASKY G 602 are available. Choose a model according to the type of main aquatic plants planted in your 60cm-wide aquarium. You can also install maximum of 3 LED lighting units (AQUASKY G 601 x 1, AQUASKY G 602 x 1) to a 60cm aquarium tank.
AQUASKY G 602 is capable of providing the same illuminance level as Solar I.*
AQUASKY series makes possible to fully appreciate aquatic plant layouts, which was hardly achieved by other LED lighting systems before. 

*We measured the center spot illmunicance level with following condition: Direct illuminance level measured at 12cm from the lighting source for AQUASKY 602, and 30cm for Solar I.
*Due to the characteristics of LED, there is a variance in range of color temperature.
*Install AQUASKY 601 and AQUASKY G 602 to a 60cm wide aquarium (W60xD30xH36cm) for higher light intensity.
*Photo is for image only. The product has a power supply cord on the side.
*AQUASKY G 601 & AQUASKY G 602 are compatible to ADA Cube Garden / Cube Glass in the following sizes:
W60 x D30 x H18 (cm) glass thickness 5mm
W60 x D30 x H36 (cm) glass thickness 6mm
W60 x D30 x H45 (cm) glass thickness 6mm
Waterfall W60 x D45 x H45 (cm) glass thickness 6mm

*AQUASKY G 601 and G 602 are NOT compatible to ADA Cube Garden / Cube Glass with glass thickness 8mm.


AQUASKY G:The newly developed LEDs illuminate green colors of aquatic plants vividly.  
AQUASKY:Aquatic plants look yellowish under conventional white LEDs.


Spectrum distribution map


Aquarium lighting system with an open feeling.

The lighting unit accomplished a slimline profile and high performance in heat rejection. Its clear acrylic stand blends in the aquarium environment and provides an open feeling to the top of the aquarium. New AC adapter, On-Off light switch and power supply cord come in white and clear. The AQUASKY G series offers new designs that embody a product philosophy of ADA: creating a design that does not obstruct the aquarium tank - the center of an aquarium system.



STAND size:W600×D94×H120mm
Input voltage:AC100〜240V 50/60Hz
Power consumption:30W
Current consumption:900mA±5%
Luminous flux:1,800〜2,100lm
Color temperature:Around 7,000~8,000K (Due to the nature of LED lighting, there are variation in color temperature.)
LED lifetime:Over 30,000hrs (subject to operating environment)
Operating temperature range:0〜35℃

*NOT compatible with tank W60×D45×H45cm with glass thickness of 8mm.

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