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ADA Nature Aquarium Calendar 2016

  • 2000

Nature Aquarium calendar 2016 is available now!

It contains twelve masterpieces by Takashi Amano. Month by month, it takes you to the underwater world of stunning beauty.

The Nature Aquarium Calendar 2016 is printed on the same paper material used for the latest photo book "Origin of Creation", bound with hot-melt coating.

All pictures in this calendar were taken with large format films 4x5 inch. (about 10.00 x 12.50cm) by Takashi Amano.

  • Takashi Amano's 12 representative aquascapes carefully selected for their visual beauty
    and soothing, relaxing images.
  • Its mat-finish is easily viewable, and it is bind by hot-melt coating without using any clasp.  
  • The beautiful aquascapes decorate your room and office nicely, and it will also be a great gift.

To see the preview of the calendar, please visit here:

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